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organizing your next move

As a military spouse, I have a lot of experience packing and moving. I have learned what to leave out until the very last minute and what can be put away long before the move. I have learned what will be needed the first night in the new home and what can wait several days or even weeks to be unpacked. My blog can help you get through the organizational aspects of your move. Once you are organized, everything else will fall into place and the rest of the move will be nothing more than moving boxes here and there.

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Four Tips To Make Packing A Little Bit Easier

Moving can be quite a hectic experience. If you plan to pack your belongings on your own, it is important to pack as wisely as you can. The following guide walks you through a few tips for packing your boxes as efficiently as possible.

Reinforce the Box Bottoms

The first thing you want to do is make sure that the boxes are able to hold the weight of the items that you plan to put in them. Create an "X" on the bottom of the box with packing tape going from one corner of the box to the opposite corner of the box. Repeat the process on the other side and your box should be ready to support the weight of the items you place in it.

Pack Your Glassware Safely

When you need to pack glassware, you want to be sure that they do not bang together during the move. Visit your local liquor store and ask if you can have the bottle separators that come in the boxes that the liquor comes in. you can then place the bottle separators in the boxes that will hold the glassware. Place each glass inside of a sock and then place them individually into the each opening in the separator.

Use What You Have

When packing, all of your items will need to end up at your new home, so making sure to use the items as wisely as possible will cut down on the boxes you need to use when packing. Use your linens and towels as separators between your plates and bowls to keep them from breaking during your move. Knick-knacks and vases can be wrapped in the towels to keep them safe too.

Not Everything Needs to Be in Boxes

Be sure that you take the time to consider what needs to be packed and what does not need to be. Clothes that are in drawers do not need to be packed in boxes. You can wrap plastic wrap around the drawers to keep everything inside secure during the move so that you do not have to empty the drawers and refill them when you get to your new house.

If you take the time to follow these tips, packing your home will be a breeze. If you plan to use a moving company to help move the items, create a master list that lets you know how many boxes you are supposed to have to ensure that nothing gets lost during the move. For moving supplies, visit a company like Route 37 Self-Storage.