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organizing your next move

As a military spouse, I have a lot of experience packing and moving. I have learned what to leave out until the very last minute and what can be put away long before the move. I have learned what will be needed the first night in the new home and what can wait several days or even weeks to be unpacked. My blog can help you get through the organizational aspects of your move. Once you are organized, everything else will fall into place and the rest of the move will be nothing more than moving boxes here and there.

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How To Pay Less For Your Movers

If you are putting off the idea of hiring a professional moving company because you are scared that you'll end up spending too much, you may want to reconsider this option. This is because hiring movers can be cheaper than you think. To ensure you aren't overpaying for your moving service, consider the following, which will help you pay much less:

Move What You Can

Eliminating time that your movers are working for you is the most effective way to reduce the cost of your service. Though moving your large and heavy items may not be possible with your vehicle situation or physical ability, you may want to consider moving all the small and lightweight boxes yourself. This will reduce the workload that your movers have, which will reduce the time they are helping, therefore leading to a lower labor charge.

Rent Your Truck With Your Movers

Rather than rent your own truck and hire movers from two different companies, consider renting and hiring from one company. This will allow you to receive benefits like multi-service discounts. Not only will this help you save money, but it will make your move more organized, as you will only have to deal with one invoice and one company.

Organize Your Move Efficiently

Making the job as easy as possible for your movers is important. This will allow them to get the job done faster, which will lead to you paying less for your service. To ensure your movers are able to load the truck quickly, you will want to give them quick access to all the items you need to have moved. This can be done by relocating all of your boxes and furniture items to the front of your home. This will make it very easy and simple for your moves to grab an item and load it onto the truck as you are limiting the amount of walking they have to do between each box they load into the truck.

While these few tips may improve how quickly your move is completed, it will also cut the fees that you'll end up paying for your movers. You will avoid heavy labor charges, receive discounts for multiple services through one company, and more. So, before you avoid hiring movers because you are worried about how much they will cost, be sure to keep these tips in mind and it will save you more than you think. For more information, talk to professionals like Modern Movers, Inc.