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organizing your next move

As a military spouse, I have a lot of experience packing and moving. I have learned what to leave out until the very last minute and what can be put away long before the move. I have learned what will be needed the first night in the new home and what can wait several days or even weeks to be unpacked. My blog can help you get through the organizational aspects of your move. Once you are organized, everything else will fall into place and the rest of the move will be nothing more than moving boxes here and there.

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Moving Your Business? Consider These Three Things

Moving in to a new house is tough for a family, but it can be more complicated for a business to pack up and move to a brand new building. When you are getting prepared to move to the new building, remember these three things to make everything go smoothly.

Get A Couple Moving Quotes

A business can be much bigger than a home, which means that you will have more things that need to be packed. While a home may need a couple extra hours to get everything packed and moved, a business may take extra days when you consider everything that is involved. That's why you need to get multiple quotes from a couple moving companies.

You want to find a mover that is willing to take the time to come to your businesses' current location and see what needs to be packed. If they want to give a quote over the phone, move on to the next company. A simple walk through will help a moving company give an accurate estimate, which will prepare you for the costs involved.

Secure Your Moving Times At Each Locations

An overlooked problem with moving a business is the limitations on when you can move. For businesses in a large office building, you will need to use the freight elevator, which often need to be operated by an employee of the building. Schedule the times that you'll need access to the freight operations far in advance at both locations to ensure that building access won't slow the move. Delays can cause your moving costs to increase.

For offices not in multi-story office buildings, you still need to verify when you are allowed to move in. It is possible that a move needs to be done after business hours so that other tenants are not disturbed.

Pack Your Essentials Items On Your Own

There will be things that you know you need for your business to keep operating, which are your mission critical items. This can include computers, inventory, phones, and things of that nature. Make sure that you pack all of these things yourself so that you know exactly where you are. Having to waste time to hunt through boxes at the new location can cost you money if it means your business is not up and running quickly.

Following these tips will help you plan your move accordingly. You'll minimize costs and downtime by planning for some of the logistics of moving a business in advance. Contact a moving company like M Dyer & Sons Inc for more information.